Basak Karakurum Goksel

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OBJECTIVES Hyperhomocysteinemia is a risk factor for ischemic stroke. Hypothyroidism may cause hyperhomocysteinemia. To date, no works have examined the association between hypothyroidism and hyperhomocysteinemia in ischemic stroke. We aimed to investigate the roles of hypothyroidism and hyperhomocysteinemia in ischemic stroke, and whether any relationship(More)
Cranial nerve involvement in brucellosis is rare. We present a case of brucellosis presenting with optic neuritis and abducens nerve palsy on the left side. Cerebrospinal fluid findings indicated Brucella meningitis with high protein count, low sugar level and pleocystosis. In addition, Brucella agglutination test (Wright test) was found to be 1/128 in(More)
Idiopathic ventral spinal cord herniation is a rare cause of progressive myelopathy that demonstrates unique radiological features. We describe a case of thoracic spinal cord herniation through an anterior dural defect and discuss the characteristic findings on magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomographic myelography. A 36-year-old man presented to(More)
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