Basabi Chakraborty

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Developing efficient handwriting recognition systems that are fast and highly reliable is a challenging problem. This work represents the development of an online handwriting recognition system for Bangla script, widely used in eastern India and Bangladesh. In our approach, an online handwritten character/cluster is characterized by structure or shape based(More)
Unsupervised learning is used to categorize multidimensional data into a number of meaningful classes on the basis of the similarity or correlation between individual samples. In neural-network implementation of various unsupervised algorithms such as principal component analysis (PCA), competitive learning or self-organizing map (SOM), sample vectors are(More)
Car navigation systems are now widely used as a component for intelligent transportation systems. Route planning is the most important task of car navigation systems. Though modern car navigation systems incorporate various road information, even dynamic information, to generate optimal route, but they are yet to present routes according to driver’s(More)
With the help of fast and cheap information technology GPS navigators for car navigation are becoming very common. But unlike vehicle users, pedestrians form a more heterogeneous group having different levels of physical abilities with varieties of conditions, personal preferences and needs. The lack of data to support pedestrian navigation also imposes a(More)