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Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Schooling Reform
Findings based on data from the National Child Development Study suggest that increasing the school leaving age by 1 year had little effect on the health of their offspring, but schooling did improve economic opportunities by reducing financial difficulties among households. Expand
The Performance of School Assignment Mechanisms in Practice
Theory points to a potential trade-off between two main school assignment mechanisms; Boston and Deferred Acceptance (DA). While DA is strategy-proof and gives a stable matching, Boston mightExpand
Screening Disability Insurance Applications
This paper investigates the effects of intensified screening of disability insurance benefit applications. A large-scale experiment was setup where in 2 of the 26 Dutch regions case workers of theExpand
A Dynamic Analysis of the Demand for Health Insurance and Health Care
We find that asymmetric information is important for the uptake of supplementary private health insurance and health care utilization. We use dynamic panel data models to investigate the sources ofExpand
Assessing the impact of obesity on labor market outcomes.
Using parental obesity as an instrument, it is shown that the association between obesity and employment is no longer significant and similar results are obtained in a model of first differences. Expand
Estimating Equilibrium Effects of Job Search Assistance
Identifying policy-relevant treatment effects from randomized experiments requires the absence of spillovers between participants and nonparticipants (SUTVA) or variation in observed treatmentExpand
Testing the Normality Assumption in the Sample Selection Model With an Application to Travel Demand
In this article we introduce a test for the normality assumption in the sample selection model. The test is based on a flexible parametric specification of the density function of the error terms inExpand
Disability and Work
The results show that early childhood conditions are important in explaining adult health and socioeconomic outcomes and those who have experienced bad conditions during early childhood have higher rates of health deterioration during adulthood, are more likely to become non-employed and suffer from longer spells of non-employment during the course of life. Expand
Incentives versus Sorting in Tournaments: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Existing field evidence on rank-order tournaments typically does not allow disentangling incentive and sorting effects. We conduct a field experiment illustrating the confounding effect. Students inExpand
On the Timing of Marriage, Cattle, and Shocks
In this paper, we focus on the timing of marriage of women, whose marriages are associated with bride wealth payments. These payments concern transfers from (the family of) the groom to the bride’sExpand