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Digital pathology provides new ways to visualize tissue slides and enables new workflows for analyzing these slides. Analogous to radiology, adjacent tissue sections prepared with different stains or biomarkers (e.g. H&E, IHC, special stains, or ISH; chromogenic or fluorescent) may be seen as different modalities, each representing different structural(More)
The lateral alignment of [012] habit-modified calcite crystals with respect to a carboxylic acid terminated self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of thiols has been determined. The crystals were grown from a Kitano solution (pH 5.6-6.0), and the samples were investigated with scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and polarization microscopy. For the(More)
CONTEXT The quality of images produced by whole slide imaging (WSI) scanners has a direct influence on the readers' performance and reliability of the clinical diagnosis. Therefore, WSI scanners should produce not only high quality but also consistent quality images. AIM We aim to evaluate reproducibility of WSI scanners based on the quality of images(More)
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