Bas A J Driesprong

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The long-term effects of a standard lactate-buffered dialysis fluid and a new, two-chamber, bicarbonate/lactate-buffered dialysis fluid (with fewer glucose degradation products and a neutral pH) were compared in an in vivo peritoneal exposure model. Rats were given daily injections, via an access port, of 10 ml of standard solution or(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term peritoneal dialysis (PD) is associated with the development of functional and structural alterations of the peritoneal membrane. In this study, we investigated the contribution of low pH lactate buffer, high glucose concentration and glucose degradation products to peritoneal injury in a rat peritoneal exposure model. METHODS Rats(More)
BACKGROUND Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a treatment modality for patients with renal failure. Both the uraemic state of these patients and chronic exposure to PD fluid are associated with the development of functional and structural alterations of the peritoneal membrane. In a well-established chronic PD rat model, we compared rats with normal renal function(More)
BACKGROUND Mesothelial cell transplantation has been suggested to improve mesothelial repair after surgery, recurrent peritonitis and peritoneal dialysis. METHODS In this study we evaluated mesothelial cell transplantation during the resolution phase of experimentally thioglycollate-induced peritonitis in rats. To this end 4 x 10(6) DiO-labeled autologous(More)
OBJECTIVE New vessel formation has been reported in various tissues during peritoneal dialysis (PD). In that line, mast cells can produce factors such as tryptase, chymase, or basic fibroblast growth factor that might contribute to the formation of new vessels. In the present study, the association of mast cells with neovascularization during PD was(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent infections in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients may alter the abdominal wall resulting in an impairment of its dialysis capacity. In this study we investigated both in vitro and in vivo the effects of mesothelial exposure to dialysis fluids on the migration of neutrophils and their capacity to clear a bacterial infection. METHODS(More)
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