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This article compares the three-dimensional angles of the ankle during step turn and straight walking. We used an infrared camera system (Qualisys Oqus ®) to track the trajectories and angles of the foot and leg at different stages of the gait. The range of motion (ROM) of the ankle during stance periods was estimated for both straight step and step turn.(More)
This paper describes path planning and control of an autonomous power distribution system. The aim is to study the use of the autonomous mobile power-grid systems after disasters to accelerate search, rescue, and recovery efforts. The concept is demonstrated through an autonomous electrical cabling and connection mission between a power source and a power(More)
This paper presents an architecture for the development of mobile microgrids using autonomous vehicles for the recovery of electrical power in postdisaster scenarios. The goal is to facilitate the integration of the different disciplines involved and address interrelated challenges in interaction between the disparate components of the system and the(More)
Tbis paper presents an architecture for autonomous mobile microgrids to ensure robustness and scalability of such systems for power distribution applications. A schema for development of mobile microgrids is presented based on the feasibility and experimental studies performed using ground robots for establishing microgrids. A microgrid system built with(More)
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