Bary D Wilson

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This study was to determine estimates of the stiffness and damping properties of the wrist, and shoulder in children by examining wrist impacts on the outstretched hand in selected gymnastic activities. The influence of age, mass, and wrist and torso impact velocity on the stiffness and damping properties were also examined. Fourteen young gymnasts (ages 8(More)
Acclaimed subjects exercised intermittently for 8 hrs in 25 to 50 degrees environments. Thermal and metalobic determinations were made. Results showed the time-weighted WBGT heat strain index for intermittent work needs re-evaluation. For acclimated subjects working steadily at 350 kcal/hr, 30% max, the ULPZ is more than 33% WBGT.
NASA is very interested in improving its ability to monitor and forecast the radiation levels that pose a health risk to space-walking astronauts as they construct the International Space Station and astronauts that will participate in long-term and deep-space missions. Human exploratory missions to the moon and Mars within the next quarter century, will(More)
Quantifying the load distribution on the rail seat of a concrete sleeper is an important step in understanding and preventing the occurrence of rail seat deterioration (RSD), one of the primary maintenance concerns with concrete sleepers on North American heavy-haul railroads. Proper load attenuation is necessary to reduce vibration impacts, which may lead(More)