Baruch Kushnir

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STUDY OBJECTIVES To assess if sleep patterns and sleepiness are compromised in children with nocturnal enuresis (NE), in comparison with normal control subjects, and to evaluate the role of enuresis-related events during sleep. DESIGN Assessment of natural sleep patterns at home in a sample of children referred to enuresis clinics and controls. SETTING(More)
The resumption of work, sexual activity, and driving were studied in 32 patients who had suffered primary ventricular fibrillation after their first myocardial infarction. They were compared with 95 patients whose myocardial infarction was not so complicated. Though initially slowing rehabilitation, primary ventricular fibrillation did not affect ultimately(More)
Osteochondroma is called a benign cartilage-forming tumor arising from an aberrant subperiosteal cartilage. Multiple osteochondromas syndrome (MOS) is an autosomal dominant disease, the basis for which is mutations in the EXT (EXT1 or EXT2) genes. Osteochondroma is one of the most common benign bone tumors. According to the WHO data, it is detectable in 35%(More)
191 Sleep and Enuresis—Cohen-Zrubavel et al NOCTURNAL ENURESIS (NE) IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS IN PEDIATRICS.1-4 PREVALENCE RATES OF NE RANGE BETWEEN APPROXIMATELY 3% and 15%, depending on its definition.2,5-8 The etiology of NE is complex, and different models and explanatory factors have been proposed.4,9,10 Butler4,9 proposed the 3-systems model,(More)
The factors influencing the return to work following first myocardial infarction were studied in 112 male patients, all of whom had previously been fully employed. Delay in return to work within 4 months of discharge from hospital was seen in patients who were not given an early hospital follow-up appointment and in those who attibuted their illness to(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to assess the association between night diapers use and sleep quality of school-aged children with enuresis. METHODS The sleep patterns of 72 school-aged children (ages 6-9 y) with enuresis referred to a clinic specializing in bladder disorders and 63 healthy control children were assessed. Sleep measures were derived from four to five(More)
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