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The Environmental Information System for Planners (EISP) is a proof of concept web-based system designed to support decision making within the UK planning framework by making information on environmental issues more widely accessible. It incorporates relevant outputs from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Urban Regeneration and the Environment(More)
—Disturbance events, such as fire, have a major impact on boreal forest dynamics, succession and the global carbon cycle. Methods using satellite imagery are well established for detecting forest fires in real time and mapping the burned area (fire scars) within one year of the fire. This paper focuses on the detection of older fire disturbance-regeneration(More)
This document reports the progress made over the first year of the project 'Validation of a global ecosystem model with SPOT-Vegetation data'. The first year has been focused on the acquisition of data, production of simulated SPOT-HRVIR and Vegetation data, development of the DOLY model and methodological approaches associated with the determination of(More)
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