Bartosz Maj

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— The paper demonstrates the model order reduction procedures applied to semiconductor devices with multiple heat sources. The approach is demonstrated for a device with nine heat sources where some of them are permanently active and other work under switching conditions. For the order reduction the software package MOR for ANSYS is used, which is based on(More)
Pre- and postoperative acquisition and retention of locomotor tasks of different complexity were investigated in septal rats. Experiment I involved acquisition and retention of a task using a four-unit-quadruple-choice apparatus. Severe impairment in both postoperative acquisition and postoperative retention was observed from all parameters of learning:(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Cranial epidural abscess mostly follows sinusitis or mastoiditis, also open cranial injury or cranial surgery with iatrogenic infection. In our case the abscess possibly evolved from epidural haematoma and the process invaded frontal sinus and subgaleal space in the frontal region. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A 22-year-old male after(More)
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