Bartosz Mańkowski

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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Sunlight is the major source of the energy on Earth. Visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation are necessary to sustain life on our planet. However, besides the range of positive effects, such as photosynthesis in plants, warmth, vision, and synthesis of vitamin D, sunlight may also be responsible for negative biologic(More)
This article presents the review of the achievement and progress in fracture treatment from ancient ages till XXth century. There was shown the development of the conservative treatment - creating the suitable immobilizing splints, casts and the first surgical procedures, equipment, plates, screws, nails for the osteosynthesis. Besides there were presented(More)
This paper presents a rare case of facial soft tissue infection caused by the bacterial strain of Rothia mucilaginosa. Odontogenic background of infection and initial clinical presentation suggested the presence of typical bacterial flora and uncomplicated course of treatment. However, despite surgical intervention and broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy, the(More)
Healing of fractured long bones is faster in patients with coexisting brain injury. This phenomenon has been observed for many years but it is not clearly explained. So far it has not been settled if the problem has its origin in Central Nervous System or represents systemic response on a severe trauma. The following article presents the literature review(More)
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