Bartosz K. Nowakowski

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A single standing wave sensor was investigated and experiments demonstrated release capability of glass microscale objects. It is shown that this micrometer scale fiber may be employed as miniaturized tweezers able to pick up specimens and routinely release them when the standing wave is energized. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the standing wave(More)
The design, construction, and performance of a surface-referenced nanoindentation instrument, termed a precision nanoindentation platform (PNP), are presented. The PNP is a symmetrically designed instrument with a centrally located indenter tip attached to a force cell for measuring the forces between the tip and a specimen. Penetration of the indenter tip(More)
This paper presents a discussion of the design features of a precision indentation platform for measuring indents with traceable uncertainties at the nanometer scale. In particular, the goal of the instrument is to simultaneously measure penetration distance of an indenter tip into a surface as a function of the applied load. Components of design that will(More)
This paper presents the design, construction, and characterization of a new optical-fiber-based, low-finesse Fabry-Perot interferometer with a simple cavity formed by two reflecting surfaces (the end of a cleaved optical fiber and a plane, reflecting counter-surface), for the continuous measurement of displacements of several nanometers to several tens of(More)
In this work, tungsten wires have been etched in a KOH electrolyte solution. Based on the oxidation state of the electrolytic dissolution reaction's product and time integration of the Faradaic current produced during the reaction, this method is capable of providing a direct measurement of the change in mass of a structure from anodic dissolution. To(More)
INTRODUCTION Laser interferometry has become a staple of SItraceable displacement measurement techniques. This, combined with decreasing cost per channel, miniaturization, and a multitude of commercially available off-the-shelf systems, creates ever more attractive applications unheard-of a few years ago. Although significant efforts have been made to(More)
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