Bartosz Dobrzelecki

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OGSA-DAI provides an extensible Web service-based framework that allows data resources to be incorporated into Grid fabrics. The current OGSA-DAI release (OGSA-DAI WSI/WSRF v2.2) has implemented a set of optimizations identified through the examination of common OGSA-DAI use patterns. In this paper we describe these patterns and detail the optimizations(More)
OGSA-DAI provides an extensible framework that allows data resources to be incorporated into Grid fabrics. The current OGSA-DAI release, version 3.0, is a complete top-to-bottom redesign and implementation of the OGSA-DAI product. A number of fundamental conceptual and design changes are introduced in this release. In this paper we describe the motivation(More)
The statistical language R and Bioconductor package are favoured by many biostatisticians for processing microarray data. The amount of data produced by these analyses has reached the limits of many common bioinformatics computing infrastructures. High Performance Computing (HPC) systems offer a solution to this issue. The Simple Parallel R INTerface(More)
Machine learning and statistical model based classifiers have increasingly been used with more complex and high dimensional biological data obtained from high-throughput technologies. Understanding the impact of various factors associated with large and complex microarray datasets on the predictive performance of classifiers is computationally intensive,(More)
R is a free statistical programming language commonly used for the analysis of high-throughput microarray and other data. It is currently unable to easily utilise multiprocessor architectures without substantial changes to existing R scripts. Further, working with large volumes of data often leads to slow processing and even memory allocation faults. A(More)
The coordination and scheduling of affiliated tasks to be run at different sites is a challenging problem, specifically in the domain of network performance monitoring. This paper presents a software implementation of the Probes Coordination Protocol (PCP) which provides a solution to this problem. The PCP allows tasks to be executed regularly on a(More)
OGSA-DAI (Open Grid Services Architecture-Data Access and Integration) provides an extensible software framework allowing data resources, such as files, relational and XML databases, to be exposed through Web services acting within collaborative Grid environments or, more modestly, in stand-alone mode. OGSA-DAI may be deployed to WSRF-based platforms, such(More)
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