Bartosz Czaplewski

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PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to: (1) evaluate the subarachnoid space (SAS) width and pial artery pulsation in both hemispheres, and (2) directly compare magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to near-infrared transillumination/backscattering sounding (NIR-T/BSS) measurements of SAS width changes in healthy volunteers. METHODS The study was performed on(More)
In this paper a new idea of digital images fingerprinting is proposed. The method is based on quaternion encryption in the Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode. Quaternions are hyper-complex numbers of rank 4 and thus often applied to mechanics in three-dimensional space. The encryption algorithm described in the paper is designed for graytone images but can(More)
In this paper a new receiver-side fingerprinting method for color images is proposed. The proposed method belongs to the group of Joint Fingerprinting and Decryption (JFD) methods. Each component of the color image is represented as a point in 3D space, which is formed by 3 color channels. Encryption and fingerprinting can be interpreted as rotation,(More)
The proposed method is a new Joint Fingerprinting and Decryption (JFD) method that uses a cipher based on quaternion rotation to encrypt color images that are then sent to all users via multicast transmission. Individual decryption keys depend on the users’ fingerprints, so that a unique fingerprint is introduced into the image during decryption for each(More)
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