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Eye movement related artifacts are the most significant source of noise in EEG signals. Thus, a special approach to reduction of their influence is required. However, most of currently used methods of detecting and filtering eye movement related artifacts require either an additional recording of noise signal, or are not suitable for real time applications,(More)
The transmission of electric fields from a primary bioelectric source through biological tissue towards measurement sensors is known as the volume conduction. This phenomenon is widely exploited in many biosensors used for the measurement of bioelectromagnetism. One example of such sensors is an electroencephalograph (EEG) used for the recording and(More)
Performing complex activities that accompany piloting an airplane requires a lot of concentration, coordination and reflex from the pilots. Additionally, the responsibility that lies on a person that controls any kind of flying platform can lead to the increased amount of pressure and stress. Considering all of the aforementioned conditions, it is essential(More)
The phenomenon of transmitting the electric fields from their primary bioelectric sources through biological tissues towards measurement sensors is known as the volume conduction. It is a basis for the operation of many biosensors used for the measurement of bioelectromagnetical phenomena. An electroencephalograph (EEG) used for the recording and monitoring(More)
Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are systems capable of capturing and interpreting the consent changes in the activity of brain (e.g. intention of limb movement, attention focus on specific frequency or symbol) and translating them into sets of instructions, which can be used for the control of a computer. The most popular hardware solutions in BCI are(More)
The main goal of this paper is to study the controllability of positive discrete linear time-varying fractional system with constant delay in control. The general formula of solution of difference state equation is used to formulate the necessary and sufficient condition for controllability of the considered system in a given time interval with respect to(More)