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A data warehouse (DW) provides an information for analytical processing, decision making, and data mining tools. On the one hand, the structure and content of a data warehouse reflects a real world, i.e. data stored in a DW come from real production systems. On the other hand, a DW and its tools may be used for predicting trends and simulating a virtual(More)
The application of materialised object-oriented views in object-relational data warehousing systems is promising. In this paper we propose a novel technique for the materialisation of method results in object-oriented views, called <i>hierarchical materialisation</i>. When an object used to materialise the result of method <i>m</i> is updated, then <i>m</i>(More)
This paperaddressesproblemsofthe evolution of data warehouses chemaa nd dimensions. In ordert oh andlet he evolution,w ea p-plyamultiversion data warehouse(MVDW). In thisp aper we discuss real world cases illustratingaDW evolution ands howh ow to applyt he MVDW in ordert oh andlet he cases. Ad ataw arehouse (DW) is al arge database that integrates data from(More)