Bartolomeu Ferreira Uchôa-Filho

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In this work, we consider a multiuser cooperative wireless network where the energy-constrained sources have independent information to transmit to a common destination, which is assumed to be externally powered and responsible for transferring energy wirelessly to the sources. The source nodes may cooperate, under either decode-and-forward or network(More)
We propose a cooperative diversity scheme for a communication system consisting of NT cooperating nodes that receive ⌈log2(NT )⌉ feedback bits from the destination node on the channel state information. This information is used appropriately to obtain cooperative diversity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) gains. A simple linear detector and an interference(More)
This paper describes a new coded cooperation scheme based on single parity-check turbo-product codes. The channel soft-information from the source and the relays are also combined in a novel way at the destination. The scheme has simple encoding and decoding, and unveils potential for large cooperation gains in fast fading channels. Keywords—coded(More)
Linear dispersion codes (LDCs) are an attractive tool for attaining spatial diversity in OFDM systems with multiple transmit antennas. To reach the potential gains, in each situation, the selection of a proper set of codes depends, in general, on the existence of a reliable feedback channel. We propose LDCs for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels(More)
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