Bartolomeo Schirone

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DNA barcoding may be particularly important in impacting the current trends of world’s biodiversity crisis, public economic issues and science. Forests play a crucial role in self-sustaining natural ecosystems and human environment at both local and regional scales. Over 39% of the world’s forests are formed by conifers; most species are highly exposed to(More)
The ecological behaviors of a network of pure evergreen oak stands (Quercus suber L. and Quercus ilex L.) in the Central-Western Mediterranean Basin were investigated toward climatic and edaphic factors implemented with the application of topographic wetness index (TWI). A Categorical Principal Component Analysis (Catpca) using climatic and soil(More)
(2015) The longevity of broadleaf deciduous trees in Northern Hemisphere temperate forests: insights from tree-ring series. Understanding the factors controlling the expression of longevity in trees is still an outstanding challenge for tree biologists and forest ecologists. We gathered tree-ring data and literature for broadleaf deciduous (BD) temperate(More)
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