Bartlomiej Rózanski

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In this paper we compare two methods for generating finite families of random subsets according to some sequence of independent random variables ζ1,. .. , ζn distributed uniformly over the interval [0, 1]. The first method called uniform split uses ζi values straightforwardly to determine points of division of [0, 1] into subintervals. The second method(More)
The genetic background of psoriasis is unknown and its mode of inheritance is still controversial. Family studies in psoriasis were based on complex segregation analysis and a special computer programme was prepared. The results of the analysis in 244 families strongly suggest multifactorial inheritance of psoriasis vulgaris. Among the nine hypotheses of(More)
Network optimization strategies are core ingredients of radio access network planning for second and third generation mobile systems like GSM and UMTS. We present a combined approach for network topology optimization of the UMTS terrestrial radio access network (UTRAN) which considers the logical network structure as well as transport network aspects. We(More)
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