Bartlomiej Gawel

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In the paper an approach to the construction of rule-based morphosyntactic tagger for Polish is proposed. The core of the tagger are modules of rules (classification systems), acquired from the IPI PAN corpus by application of Genetic Algorithms. Each module is specialised in making decisions concerning different parts of a tag (a structure of attributes).(More)
Most companies have a large number of projects that they would like to do for various reasons. However, usually there is never enough time and money available to complete all of them. Selecting a portfolio from available project proposals is crucial for the success of each company. This paper proposes a practical framework for modelling projects portfolio(More)
An organisation's activity under dynamic changes of business processes requires continuous improvement of business practices. This implies the necessity of refining decision making process. Business rules [6], [8] enable experts to transfer enterprise strategy onto the operational level using simple sentences which, in turn, can automate reactions to(More)
Project selection is a complex multi-criteria decision making process that is influenced by multiple and often conflicting objectives. The complexity of the project selection problem is mainly due to the high number of projects from which an appropriate collection (an effective portfolio) of investment projects must be selected. This paper presents a new(More)
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