Bartholomew J White

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Cytogenetic abnormalities were found in 81 of 2,757 cases (2.93%) screened for both cytogenetic and FMR-1 mutations because of mental retardation from 1992 to 1997. Of these, 38 (46.9%) were unbalanced autosomal abnormalities, 23 (28.4%) sex chromosomal abnormalities, and 20 (24.7%) balanced autosomal rearrangements. Five subtle deletions were found, of(More)
Terrestrial locomotion can impose substantial loads on vertebrate limbs. Previous studies have shown that limb bones from cursorial species of eutherian mammals experience high bending loads with minimal torsion, whereas the limb bones of non-avian reptiles (and amphibians) exhibit considerable torsion in addition to bending. It has been hypothesized that(More)