Barthlomew Friday Chukwu

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UNLABELLED In our society, child abuse is most often not recognized. In addition, little attention is focused on child abuse due to the menace of severe acute malnutrition and infections, which are the major pediatric problems in our setting. There is need therefore for public awareness of the existence of the various forms of child abuse in the society.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with sickle cell anemia (SCA) are prone to recurrent pain crises related to red blood cell sickling and vaso-occlusion with subsequent tissue hypoxia. Alveolar hypoxia has been shown to be associated with entrapment of sickle cells in the pulmonary microcirculation which may propagate a cycle of further hypoxemia and sickling. Pulmonary(More)
BACKGROUND Medical education is always in a state of dynamic equilibrium with continuous evolution of new techniques in teaching and learning. OBJECTIVES Objective of this study is to determine medical students' perception on preferences of teaching and learning. METHODS PARTICIPANTS A total of 207 medical students participated in the study. Most(More)
INTRODUCTION Some adolescents may have sleep disorder at some point during adolescence. Determining the pattern and practice of sleep among adolescents could be useful to establish a lasting sleep hygiene program among adolescents. The objectives of this study are to describe sleep pattern and practice among adolescent in Nigerian secondary schools. (More)
Childhood cancer is a leading cause of childhood mortality in developed countries though ranks lower than infections in developing countries. Most patients with malignancies present late to hospital with consequent adverse outcome. Early diagnosis, therefore, is an important requirement in pediatric oncology as delayed diagnosis is associated with poor(More)
Intra-thecal chemotherapy is a recognized therapy for hematological malignancies such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Despite the advantage of these drugs in treating or preventing central nervous system disease, they are not without complications. The authors describe a 12-year-old girl with ALL, who developed progressive myelopathy following(More)
Sickle cell trait (SCT; HbAS), the heterozygous state for the sickle cell allele of the beta globin gene, is carried by as many as 100 million individuals worldwide. Nigeria has the highest prevalence of SCT, impacting an estimated 25 % of adult population. This study was designed to assess timing of awareness, knowledge of SCT status and preferred method(More)
BACKGROUND Medical students are a population who are at great risk of having bad sleep practice and hygiene due to demanding clinical and academic activities. Poor sleep practices are a disturbing and destabilizing phenomenon. It affects many people and can affect the quality of work, performance and education of medical students. Determining the sleep(More)
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