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Diet and food preference of the waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus defassa) in the Pendjari National Park, Benin
This study investigated composition and selectivity in diet for waterbuck in the Pendjari National Park in north-western Benin, through the use of micrographic analysis of faecal samples. Three plantExpand
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Biodiversity conservation in home gardens: traditional knowledge, use patterns and implications for management
There is increasing interest in home gardens (HGs) as biodiversity hot spots. However, knowledge on how sociocultural characteristics and environment influence knowledge and management of HG speciesExpand
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Survey of Loxodonta africana (Elephantidae)‐caused bark injury on Adansonia digitata (Malavaceae) within Pendjari Biosphere Reserve, Benin
This study assessed the level of bark damage on baobab trees (Adansonia digitata) as caused by elephants (Loxodonta africana), and the possibility of finding refuges where baobab could escape barkExpand
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Seasonal Habitat and Diet Partitioning between Two Sympatric Bovid Species in Pendjari Biosphere Reserve (Northern Benin): Waterbuck and Western Kob
Niche theory suggests differential use of shared resources facilitates coexistence of species in a community. In this study we used the faecal stable isotope analysis with observations along transectExpand
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Home gardens: an assessment of their biodiversity and potential contribution to conservation of threatened species and crop wild relatives in Benin
Despite growing literature supporting the importance of home gardens (HG) as biodiversity hotspots, knowledge of patterns of their contribution to conservation of threatened species and crop wildExpand
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Spatio-temporal niche partitioning between the African lion (Panthera leo leo) and spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) in western African savannas
Large predators in West Africa are threatened with extinction mainly by direct and indirect effects of human activities. Within this context, intraguild competition can limit populations of someExpand
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Ecologie, diversité spécifique et abondance des petits mammifères de la ville de Cotonou au Bénin (Afrique de l’Ouest)
L’etude de la diversite des petits mammiferes de la ville de Cotonou (Benin) selon les types de milieux (habites ou non) a ete realisee du 25 aout 2004 au 25 mai 2005 avec interruptions. LesExpand
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Elephant-induced damage drives spatial isolation of the dioecious palm Borassus aethiopum Mart. (Arecaceae) in the Pendjari National Park, Benin
Spatial patterns (SP) of treefall by elephants is known to be clustered across landscapes as a result of food selection and group foraging. Yet, few studies have explicitly elucidated how elephantExpand
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Hunting affects dry season habitat selection by several bovid species in northern Benin
Multiple land uses including tourism, hunting, and agriculture around protected areas can be a serious complication for wildlife management. We calculated habitat selection indices (Manly's alpha)Expand
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Adaptation of Periurban Cattle Production Systems to Environmental Changes: Feeding Strategies of Herdsmen in Southern Benin
We undertook a survey of 112 cattle farms in the periphery of Cotonou in Benin, with the aim to characterize the diversity of the production systems and to better understand herders’ feedingExpand
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