Bartek Nogal

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We report a case study of an IgG1 with a unique basic charge variant profile caused by C-terminal proline amidation on either one or two heavy chains. The proline amidation was sensitive to copper ion concentration in the production media during cell culture: the higher the Cu ( 2+) ion concentration, the higher the level of proline amidation detected.(More)
Upper hinge is vulnerable to radical attacks that result in breakage of the heavy-light chain linkage and cleavage of the hinge of an IgG1. To further explore mechanisms responsible for the radical induced hinge degradation, nine mutants were designed to determine the roles that the upper hinge Asp and His play in the radical reactions. The observation that(More)
Several biophysical approaches are available to study protein-protein interactions. Most approaches are conducted in bulk solution, and are therefore limited to an average measurement of the ensemble of molecular interactions. Here, we show how single-particle EM can enrich our understanding of protein-protein interactions at the single-molecule level and(More)
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