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Identi cation for Multi{way channels" was mentioned by Ahlswede and Dueck [1] as a challenging direction of research. Here we present in case of complete feedback a rather uni ed theory of identi cation. (For the classical transmission problem the dream of such a theory did not get ful lled for more than twenty years.) Its guiding principle is the discovery(More)
Surfactant molecules in a non-polar liquid form charged and uncharged inverse micelles. When a potential difference is applied over the mixture, the charged inverse micelles drift towards the electrode with the opposite polarity. The motion of charges is associated with a transient current, which can be measured in an external circuit. In this paper,(More)
Transient currents of electrolytes in response to a voltage step can reveal a lot about the behavior of charges present in an electrolyte. In this paper, electrolytes with high ionic strength are considered. In the limit of small voltage steps, the interpretation is straightforward as the equations describing the transient can be linearized. However, when(More)
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