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Expression of Ig isotypes other than IgD together with IgM on the membranes of single B cells has been reported in different experimental models. This paper describes the co-expression of IgG2b or IgE with IgM-IgD on the surface of single B cell subpopulations from normal rats. Their expression was demonstrated with anti-IgE or IgG2b monoclonal antibodies(More)
It is our goal to assemble the content into dynamic learning objects (LO), to make the content adaptable to the learners prefernces and to all kinds of used appliances by the learner. A three layer e-learning course development model has been defined based on the “conceptual model of content object”. It starts by decomposing the learning content into small(More)
Rat spleen cells were stimulated with pokeweed mitogen (PWM) and the IgM and IgE responses were assessed. An enrichment of the cell suspension with IgE-bearing cells before stimulation resulted in an increase in the number of IgE-secreting cells. A decrease of the number of IgE-secreting cells was found after depletion of IgE- or IgM-bearing cells, but not(More)
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