Bart Van Rompay

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PANAMA is a cryptographic module that was presented at the FSE Workshop in '98 by Joan Daemen and Craig Clapp. It can serve both as a stream cipher and as a cryptographic hash function, with a hash result of 256 bits. PANAMA achieves high performance (for large amounts of data) because of its inherent parallelism. We will analyse the security of PANAMA when(More)
ICE is a 64-bit block cipher presented at the Fast Software Encryption Workshop in January 1997. It introduced the concept of a keyed permutation to improve the resistance against differential and linear cryptanalysis. In this paper we will show however that we can use low Hamming weighted differences to perform a practical, key dependent , differential(More)
We present a new message authentication code. It is based on a two trail construction, which underlies the unkeyed hash function RIPEMD-160. It is in comparison with the MDx-MAC based on RIPEMD-160, much more efficient on short messages (that is on messages of 512 or 1024 bits) and percentage-wise a little bit more efficient on long messages. Moreover, it(More)
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