Bart Van Brabant

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We believe that informed choices are better choices. When you adopt a system configuration tool, it implies a significant investment in time and/or money. Before making such an investment, you want to pick the right tool for your environment. Therefore, you want to compare tools with each other before making a decision. To help you make an informed choice,(More)
Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans is a rare malignant tumor of the skin. The only satisfactory treatment is surgical and consists of a wide excision. In our department, we have established the limits of the excision required to be a margin of 5 cm on the surface, whereas in the depth, we excise the first healthy anatomical structure encountered. Latissimus(More)
Every organization with more than a few system administrators has policies in place. These policies define who is allowed to change what aspects of the configuration of a computer infrastructure. Althoughmany system configuration tools are available for automating configuration changes in an infrastructure, very little work has been done to enforce the(More)
System configuration tools automate the configuration and management of IT infrastructures. However these tools fail to provide decent authorisation on configuration input. In this paper we apply fine-grained authorisation of individual changes on a complex input language of an existing tool. We developed a prototype that extracts meaningful changes from(More)
IT infrastructures just needs to work and at the same time adapt to changing requirements. A significant amount of their downtime is caused by configuration errors and because all other subsystems depend on the network, network errors there have a big impact. Configuration errors are often caused by parameters that are inconsistent because changing one(More)
SaaS providers typically adopt a multi-tenant architecture to leverage economies of scale. By maximizing the sharing of resources among multiple customer organizations, called tenants, operational costs are reduced. However, this high degree of resource sharing complicates performance isolation between tenants: different tenants have different requirements(More)
All security and non-security equipment in a IT infrastructure has to be consistent with the configuration of the entire IT infrastructure. System management tools are used to manage contemporary IT infrastructures in an efficient and secure manner, and ensure its configuration is consistent and correct. System configuration tools achieve this by using a(More)
Total scalp avulsion is an uncommon and dramatic accident. Replantation is the only way for acceptable aesthetic final results. However, partial loss of tissue can result, and secondary procedures can be required. A total avulsion of a scalp involving the upper part of the right ear and both eyebrows was replanted after a long delay in our department. As a(More)
IT infrastructure management is becoming increasingly complex due to the increasing size and complexity of IT infrastructures. This complexity leads to errors and subsequently to failure. Configuration errors caused by operator errors are a significant contributor to downtime. These errors are often introduced by failing to update all dependent(More)