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In recent studies, basic regularities of author self-citations have been analysed. The regularities are related to the ageing, to the relation between self-citations and foreign citations and to the interdependence of self-citations with other bibliometric indicators. Other studies were concerned with the effect of multi-authorship on citation impact. Thus(More)
The notion of ‘core documents’, first introduced in the context of co-citation analysis and later re-introduced for bibliographic coupling and extended to hybrid approaches, refers to the representation of the core of a document set according to given criteria. In the present study, core documents are used for the identification of new emerging topics. The(More)
The objective of the present study is twofold: (1) to show the aims and means of quantitative interpretation of bibliographic features in bibliometrics and their re-interpretation in research policy, and (2) to summarise the state-of-art in self-citation research. The authors describe three approaches to the role of author self-citations and possible(More)