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A total of 371 newborn infants falling into 3 groups, non-haemolytic jaundice, haemolytic jaundice, and non-jaundiced controls, have been reassessed in the 6th year of life as regards neurological, audiological, and psychological function. Neurological handicap was concentrated among the infants of low birth weight and was not related to jaundice, apart(More)
Fear sometimes returns after attenuation via exposure. Return of fear is poorly understood due to conflicting results from diverse experiments. This article reports on two experiments in which claustrophobic fear during mock diagnostic imaging was attenuated and allowed to return so the experiments could be evaluated and return of fear studied. Attentional(More)
Wong, Y. K., Shuttleworth, G. R., and Wood, B. S. B. (1972). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 47, 241. Effect of albumin administration on phototherapy for neonatal jaundice. Two clinical trials were designed to test the effect of albumin administration before phototherapy for non-haemolytic neonatal jaundice. The first with 18 hours of phototherapy showed(More)