Bart Nieuwenhuis

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We expect that sexual selection may play an important role in the evolution of mushroom-forming basidiomycete fungi. Although these fungi do not have separate sexes, they do play female and male roles: the acceptance and the donation of a nucleus, respectively. The primary mycelium (monokaryon) of basidiomycete fungi, growing from a germinating sexual(More)
Traumatic injury of the central nervous system (CNS) has severe impact on the patients' quality of life and initiates many molecular and cellular changes at the site of insult. Traumatic CNS injury results in direct damage of the axons of CNS neurons, loss of myelin sheaths, destruction of the surrounding vascular architecture and initiation of an immune(More)
Darwin was the first to recognize that sexual selection is a strong evolutionary force. Exaggerated traits allow same-sex individuals to compete over access to mates and provide a mechanism by which mates are selected. It is relatively easy to appreciate how inter- and intrasexual selection work in organisms with the sensory capabilities to perceive(More)
Peripheral nerve injury induces the expression of many regeneration-associated genes (RAGs), including transcription factors (TFs) such as ATF3, c-Jun and Sox11. RAG expression is essential for successful axonal regeneration and a number of microarray studies have provided insight in the RAG response. TFs can potentially regulate the expression of many(More)
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