Bart Nauwelaers

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For high-data-rate wireless communication in the 7GHz band around 60GHz, the IEEE 802.15.3c standard [1] provides channels with a 0.88GHz bandwidth for the AV-OFDM mode. For the single-carrier modes, the ECMA 387 standard [2] foresees the possibility of bonding together adjacent channels, yielding higher data-rates. Radios for these 60GHz standards often(More)
Research in recent years has shown that downscaled CMOS is a serious technology candidate to implement transceivers for high-data-rate wireless communication around 60GHz [1,2]. A low-cost implementation is the combination of the digital part with the transceiver onto a single chip. The complexity of the digital part demands a very advanced CMOS technology,(More)
Control systems for electrical microgrids rely ever more on heterogeneous off-the-shelf technology for hardware, software and networking among the intelligent electronic devices that are associated with dispersed energy resources. For distributed microgrid applications in a dynamic environment, overlay networks provide an opportunity for a flexible and(More)
A new analytic model is presented (the model is based on the induced current density distribution inside silicon substrate) to calculate frequency dependent distributed inductance and the associated distributed series resistance of silicon semiconducting VLSI interconnects. The validity of the proposed model has been checked by a comparison with a quasi-TEM(More)
Scaling enhances intrinsic transistor performance and degrades interconnects. As the technology steps into nanometer era, global interconnects are becoming bottleneck for overall chip performance. In this paper, we show package level interconnects are an effective alternative for on-chip global wiring. These interconnects behave as LC transmission lines and(More)
The standard empirical non-linear model parameter estimation is often cumbersome as several measurement systems are involved. We show that the model generation complexity can be reduced tremendously by only using full two-port vectorial large-signal measurements. Furthermore realistic operating conditions can easily be included in the optimisation(More)
OFDM is an efficient modulation technique for wideband digital communication and adopted in many wireless standards. A major drawback of OFDM modulation is the high Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) of the transmitted signal which limits its applications in communication systems. Traditionally, OFDM is implemented using FFT. On the other hand, OFDM can be(More)
component of this work in other works must be obtained from the IEEE. Abstract — A black box model is proposed to describe nonlinear devices in the frequency domain. The approach is based upon the use of describing functions and allows a better description of hard nonlinearities than an approach based upon the Volterra theory. Simulations and experiments(More)