Bart N. Locanthi

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This paper presents a new routing algorithm for a wireless ATM LAN. The LAN combines positive aspects of connectionoriented and datagram communications schemes in its usage of the ATM VP/VC concept. In this scheme, a set of VPI trees, rooted at each node in the LAN, are preestablished. This has the effect of emulating “connectionless” networking which(More)
Abstmct Rednet provides portable computers with an incxpensivc wireless network connection. It is designed to support seamless end-to-end communication using the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Rednet uses a Iowpower infrared transceiver operating at 2-5 Mbps over a distance of 4 meters. The link layer protocol supports link sharing and transport of ATM(More)
We wish to determine the effectiveness of some simple hardware for debugging and profiling compiled programs on a conventional processor. The hardware cost is small -- a counter decremented on each instruction that raises an exception when its value becomes zero. With the counter a debugger can provide data watchpoints and reverse execution: a profiler can(More)
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