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We have imaged a 2D buried Ni nanostructure at 8 nm resolution using coherent x-ray diffraction and the oversampling phasing method. By employing a 3D imaging reconstruction algorithm, for the first time we have experimentally determined the 3D structure of a noncrystalline nanostructured material at 50 nm resolution. The 2D and 3D imaging resolution is(More)
Agent-based modeling provides a means for addressing the way human and natural systems interact to change landscapes over time. Until recently, evaluation of simulation models has focused on map comparison techniques that evaluate the degree to which predictions match real-world observations. However, methods that change the focus of evaluation from(More)
– A new project-based learning (PBL) curriculum has begun in northeastern Minnesota as a collaboration between a community college, Itasca Community College, and a state university, Minnesota State University, Mankato. The Iron Range Engineering (IRE) model is a unique, undergraduate problem-based learning engineering program. Students at IRE, who are(More)
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