Bart J. Westgeest

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Abstract. In this paper, we show a simple lossless compression heuristic for gray scale images. The main advantage of this approach is that it provides a highly parallelizable compressor and decompressor. In fact, it can be applied independently to each block of 8x8 pixels, achieving 80 percent of the compression obtained with LOCO-I (JPEG-LS), the current(More)
Transactional association analysis deals with establishing associations among transactional items in the form of rules. The effects of business rules on the outcome of such analysis are widely ignored, while attention has been misapplied to the mining of different patterns. Ignoring such business rules may result in association rules that are biased. We(More)
Understanding the associations among the data items of a given dataset plays a significant role in data mining. One of the well-known methods that deliver the associations among data items is Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) that is able to represent the associations among data items as a lattice. FCA generates a context for a given data set, then builds the(More)
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