Bart HP van den Borne

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AIMS A longitudinal randomized controlled trial (RCT) was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of physiotherapeutic pelvic floor muscle exercise (PFME) therapy supplemented with a health education program to promote long-term adherence among women with stress, mixed, and urge urinary incontinence (UI). METHODS Women (n = 129) were evaluated by their(More)
Evoked auditory brainstem responses (EABR) and stapedius reflex thresholds were established in 7 experienced users of the Nucleus cochlear implant. Even using biphasic 400 microseconds/phase clicks for the EABR, responses were observed in only 5 patients; no stapedius reflex (SR) was seen in 3 patients, 2 of whom had a history of middle-ear disorder. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Group-based physical training interventions have been shown to be effective in increasing quality of life in cancer survivors. Until now, however, the impact of cohesion within the group on intervention outcome has not been investigated. METHODS We examined self-reported individual group cohesion ratings collected in the first half of a 12-week(More)
The aim of this literature review is to elucidate what is known about HIV/AIDS and stigma in Sub-Saharan Africa. Literature about HIV/AIDS and stigma in Sub-Saharan Africa was systematically searched in Pubmed, Medscape, and Psycinfo up to March 31, 2009. No starting date limit was specified. The material was analyzed using Gilmore and Somerville's (1994)(More)
Electrically evoked stapedius reflex measurements were obtained in 19 children during surgery for cochlear implantation. They all received the Nucleus device. Stapedius reflexes could be elicited in all the children with congenital deafness but not in all the children with an etiology of meningitis. The intraoperative stapedius reflex thresholds were(More)
Mycoplasma bovis causes mastitis in dairy cows and is associated with pneumonia and polyarthritis in cattle. The present investigation included a retrospective case-control study to identify potential herd-level risk factors for M. bovis associated disease, and a prospective cohort study to evaluate the course of clinical disease in M. bovis infected dairy(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a randomized controlled trial and compare the effects on cancer survivors' quality of life in a 12-week group-based multidisciplinary self-management rehabilitation program, combining physical training (twice weekly) and cognitive-behavioral training (once weekly) with those of a 12-week group-based physical training (twice weekly). In(More)
BACKGROUND In the Dominican Republic, a Latin American country with filariasis-endemic areas, more than 63,000 people have lymphatic filariasis and more than 400,000 people are at risk of future infection. In this paper, we explore the health beliefs, health-seeking behaviors and self-care practices of women with lymphoedema in filariasis-endemic areas to(More)
Despite the significant reduction of malaria transmission in Rwanda, Ruhuha sector is still a highly endemic area for malaria. The objective of this activity was to explore and brainstorm the potential roles of various community stakeholders in malaria elimination. Horizontal participatory approaches such as ‘open space’ have been deployed to explore local(More)
BACKGROUND Although peer-to-peer contact might empower patients in various ways, studies show that only a few patients actually engage in support groups. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to explore factors that facilitate or impede engagement in face-to-face and online peer support, using the theory of planned behavior (TPB). METHODS A(More)