Bart De Greef

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The polyploid Salix alba-Salix fragilis hybrid complex is rather difficult to study when using only morphological characters. Most of the features have a low diagnostic value for unambiguously identifying the hybrids, introgression patterns and population structures, though morphological traits have proved to be useful in making a hybrid index. Morphology(More)
A capillary electrophoresis method for determination of impurities in sodium cysteamine phosphate-an alternative drug to use in place of cysteamine (Cystagon), Mylan Laboratories Inc.) in the treatment of cystinosis-was developed. The administration of cysteamine, divided in four doses due to the short half-life of this drug, is a helpful treatment, but(More)
BACKGROUND The administration of indometacin to rats increases intestinal permeability and induces inflammatory pathology of the small bowel. This represents a potential model for Crohn's disease. AIMS To analyse the pathogenic role of T cells, tumour necrosis factor and bacterial flora in indometacin-induced changes in small bowel permeability and(More)
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