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Let ∆ be a dual polar space of rank n ≥ 4, H be a hyperplane of ∆ and Γ := ∆ \ H be the complement of H in ∆. We shall prove that, if all lines of ∆ have more than 3 points, then Γ is simply connected. Then we show how this theorem can be exploited to prove that certain families of hyperplanes of dual polar spaces, or all hyperplanes of certain dual polar(More)
Let n ≥ 3 and let F be a field of characteristic 2. Let DSp(2n, F) denote the dual polar space associated with the building of Type C n over F and let G n−2 denote the (n − 2)-Grassmannian of type C n. Using the bijective correspondence between the points of G n−2 and the quads of DSp(2n, F), we construct a full projective embedding of G n−2 into the(More)
For a continuous flow field depicting a combined translation and expansion, there exists a natural distribution of local motion directions whose mean direction corresponds to the direction of translation. A random sampling of this distribution may introduce spatial asymmetries and thus alter the mean direction. This statistical phenomenon has a perceptual(More)
The effect of division of attention between the evaluation of multichannel audio quality and involvement in a visual task (playing a computer game) was investigated. It was observed that involvement in a visual task may significantly change the results obtained during evaluation of audio quality for some listeners and for some experimental conditions. It(More)
5225 This preprint has been reproduced from the author's advance manuscript, without editing, corrections or consideration by the Review Board. The AES takes no responsibility for the contents. Abstract-Current research into spatial audio has shown an increasing interest in the way subjective attributes of reproduced sound are elicited from listeners. The(More)