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We elucidate the connection between various fluctuation theorems by a microcanonical version of the Crooks relation. We derive the microscopically exact expression for the work distribution in an idealized Joule experiment, namely, for a convex object moving at constant speed through an ideal gas. Analytic results are compared with molecular dynamics(More)
A cyclically operating chemical engine is considered that converts chemical energy into mechanical work. The working fluid is a gas of finite-sized spherical particles interacting through elastic hard collisions. For a generic transport law for particle uptake and release, the efficiency at maximum power η(mp) [corrected] takes the form 1/2+cΔμ+O(Δμ(2)),(More)
Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) is a common technique to probe mobility of fluorescently labeled proteins in biological membranes by monitoring the time-dependence of the spatially integrated fluorescence signals after a bleaching pulse. Discrimination by FRAP between free diffusion with an immobile fraction (FDIM) and the phenomenological(More)
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