Bart Clarysse

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The recent interest in 'network' forms of organization serves as a starting point to better understand the dynamic characteristics of technology development. Network theory allows one to describe the relations between 'actors' involved in the development of new technologies both cross-sectionally and longitudinally and, as a consequence, to model the(More)
This paper uses a unique dataset to examine the neglected but important issue concerning the relationship between the human capital and fund characteristics of venture capitalists and post-investment follow-up behavior in early stage high tech investments. We found no indication that involvement in monitoring activities by the investment manager is(More)
This article addresses a critical issue for entrepreneurs and managers pursuing internation-alization strategies: how fi rms can accumulate the knowledge and skills required for successful international expansion. Specifi cally, we examine how young fi rms may compensate for their lack of fi rm-level international experience by utilizing other sources of(More)
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