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Protest logics and the mediation opportunity structure
This article aims to bridge a gap between social movement studies and media and communication studies. A conceptual framework is presented that integrates the political opportunity structure approach
Understanding Alternative Media
What are alternative media? What roles do alternative media play in pluralistic, democratic societies? What are the similarities and differences between alternative media, community media, civil
Critiques on the participatory potentials of Web 2.0
The web log or blog is a recent and relatively popular phenomenon which is often deemed to have the potential to promote citizen participation in the media, and in particular in the production of
Jamming the Political: Beyond Counter-hegemonic Practices
Cultural jamming was introduced in popular discourse by the ‘audio-Dadaism’ band Negativeland on a cassette recording called JamCon84 released in 1985 and reissued on CD in 1994. On the tape one of...
Community Radio in the West
In this article the legacy of struggle by community radio in the West is analysed from a comparative perspective. More specifically, the focus of this article is on Western media policies towards
Radical pluralism and free speech in online public spaces
• Progressive political movements and activists are not the only ones appropriating Web 2.0 as a way to construct independent public spaces and voice counter-hegemonic discourses. By studying (post-)
Chantal Mouffe's political philosophy has been influential in a variety of domains, including sociology, cultural studies, media studies, law, art, literary criticism, and journalism studies. By
Media and communication strategies of glocalized activists: beyond media- centric thinking
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Reclaiming the Media: Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles
In the twentieth century, the media gave whistleblowers a voice, spearheaded the downfall of powerful politicians, and exposed widespread corporate corruption. How will the twenty-first-century media
Social media and activism
This entry provides an overview of the ways in which social media and digital networks are contextualized and examined in relation to social movements and activism. A number of communicative