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server processor B. Sinharoy R. Kalla W. J. Starke H. Q. Le R. Cargnoni J. A. Van Norstrand B. J. Ronchetti J. Stuecheli J. Leenstra G. L. Guthrie D. Q. Nguyen B. Blaner C. F. Marino E. Retter P. Williams The IBM POWERA processor is the dominant reduced instruction set computing microprocessor in the world today, with a rich history of implementation and(More)
In this paper, we describe some of the attributes of the SCISM organization, a multiple instruction-issuing machine, the outcome of five years of research at the IBM Glendale Laboratory, in Endicott, New York. The proposed organization embodies a number of mechanisms, including the analysis of instruction sequences and deciding which instructions will(More)
The performance degradation caused by branch instructions in pipelined computers is well known. The degradation is even greater on computers with multiple pipelines processing a single instruction stream, such as superscalar and scalable compound instruction-set machines (SCISM). Several branch prediction schemes have been proposed that attempt to reduce(More)
SCISM representation. ~ ~ “” compounding facility (footnote 2). The compounding facility or preprocessor examines the instruction stream with an implementation-dependent predetermined scope and produces a compound instruction program. rules which reflect the system architecture, the hardware organization, and the permissible parallel execution between(More)
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