Bart Anderson

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Introduction The goal of depth perception is to identify the spatial layout of the objects and surfaces that constitute our surroundings. One important observation about the world around us that influences the way we see depth is that physical matter is not distributed randomly, with arbitrary depths at every location. On the contrary, the environment is(More)
The title of the book is accurate. It is concerned much more with digital control than digital signal processing, and to this extent, has but limited overlap with the central concerns of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ACOUSTICS, SPEECH, AND SIGNAL PROCESSING. To be sure, there is some elementary material on z-transforms, on digital filter equivalences to(More)
This paper describes a tool to diagnose the cause of failure of a HP computer server. We do this by analyzing the dump of Processor Internal Memory (PIM) and maximizing the leverage of expert learning from one hardware failure situation to another. The tool is a rule-based expert system, with some nested rules which translate to decision trees. The rules(More)
agreed-upon moral precepts, such as telling the truth and not harming others, are rules for living together that any intelligent gregarious beings would put into their social contracts, needing no divine sanction. In contrast, little good can come from parochial doctrines that cannot be justifi ed by universal standards of reason. Coyne doesn’t dwell on(More)
A Scott Aaronson Stuart Aaronson Adam Abate Abul Abbas Tarek Abbas Jonathan Abbatt Shahal Abbo Patrick Abbot Albert Abbott Geoff Abbott Larry Abbott Nicholas Abbott Rasha Abdel Rahman Zalfa Abdel-Malek Minori Abe Kathryn Abel Asa Abeliovich John Aber Geoff Abers Rohan Abeyaratne Susan Abmayr Ehab Abouheif Soman Abraham Andrey Abramov Robert Abramovitch(More)
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