Bartłomiej Tomiczek

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The interrelationships of the flatworms (phylum Platyhelminthes) are poorly resolved despite decades of morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies. The earliest-branching clades (Catenulida, Macrostomorpha, and Polycladida) share spiral cleavage and entolecithal eggs with other lophotrochozoans. Lecithoepitheliata have primitive spiral cleavage but(More)
Polyclad flatworms are an early branching clade within the rhabditophoran Platyhelminthes. They provide an interesting system with which to explore the evolution of development within Platyhelminthes and amongst Spiralia (Lophotrochozoa). Unlike most other flatworms, polyclads undergo spiral cleavage (similar to that seen in some other spiralian taxa), they(More)
The ratio of non-synonymous to synonymous substitutions (dN/dS) is a useful measure of the strength and mode of natural selection acting on protein-coding genes. It is widely used to study patterns of selection on protein genes on a genomic scale-from the small genomes of viruses, bacteria, and parasitic eukaryotes to the largest eukaryotic genomes. In this(More)
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