Barry W Cherney

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The critical question addressed in this paper regards how industry and regulatory agencies should manage the risk of adverse events to patients posed by product quality attributes for which a preponderance of evidence from clinical and/or non-clinical studies supports it as a risk, but for which the probability of clinical adverse events arising from the(More)
This meeting was successful in achieving its main goals: (1) summarize currently available information on the origin, detection, quantification and characterization of sub-visible particulates in protein products, available information on their clinical importance, and potential strategies for evaluating and mitigating risk to product quality, and (2)(More)
The scientific and regulatory issues that are associated with the possible introduction of 'follow-on' versions of protein drug products are the topic of considerable debate at present. Because of the differences between protein drug products and small-molecule drugs, the development of follow-on versions of protein products presents more complex scientific(More)
Under the Abbreviated New Drug Application pathway, a proposed generic salmon calcitonin nasal spray is required to demonstrate pharmaceutical equivalence and bioequivalence to the brand-name counterpart or the reference listed drug. This review discusses two important aspects of pharmaceutical equivalence for this synthetic peptide nasal spray product. The(More)
Cytokines encompass a wide variety of proteins that can trigger many cellular activities. An important set of cytokines modulate inflammatory responses (inflammatory cytokines). These molecules have potent biological activities and have been a major focus for protein drug development. There have been both successes and failures in this area. Initial(More)
UNLABELLED The risk mitigation of extractables and leachables presents significant challenges to regulators and drug manufacturers with respect to the development, as well as the lifecycle management, of drug products. A holistic program is proposed, using a science- and risk-based strategy for testing extractables and leachables from primary containers,(More)
CONFERENCE PROCEEDING Proceedings of the PDA/FDA Adventitious Viruses in Biologics: Detection and Mitigation Strategies Workshop in Bethesda, MD, USA; December 1-3, 2010 Guest Editors: Arifa Khan (Bethesda, MD), Patricia Hughes (Bethesda, MD) and Michael Wiebe (San Francisco, CA) Viral contamination of biotech product facilities is a potentially devastating(More)
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