Barry W. A. van der Strate

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Purpose. Lactoferrin has anti-Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and -HIV properties in vitro. However, the pharmacokinetic behavior of the 80-kD protein has not been well defined. We, therefore, assessed the plasma decay and body distribution of lactoferrin after intravenous administration to freely moving rats. Furthermore, the systemic availability of lactoferrin(More)
Aus psychologischen Interviews mit Spaltpatienten wurde deutlich, warum ein Teil der Patienten von der herkömmlichen logopädischen Therapie nicht oder nur unzureichend profitiert. Für diese Patienten wurde die Methode der Video-Feedback-Therapie mit dem Nasopharyngoskop nachWitzel et al. [11] erprobt und erweitert. Krieterien zur Indikation, die notwendige(More)
None of the methods described in the literature on the objective analysis of nasality has so far been introduced in routine diagnosis. The present study describes initial experiences with the nasometer in german language and presents nasalanz as a new term for objective analysis of nasality in german-speaking countries. Typical cases are demonstrated via a(More)
Psychological interviews with cleft palate patients have revealed why a number of these patients do not profit, or do so only on a limited basis, from conventional speech therapy. They don't control articulation by means of the auditory canal. To treat these patients the video feedback therapy with the nasopharyngoscopy (Witzel et al.) was employed as the(More)
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