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A data set of interbeat interval times is read into a music software synthesis program to become the basis of a " soundtrack " or auditory display. Here we present examples of the sonijkations, and discuss potential advantages in listening to, as opposed to viewing, heart rate variability data. This method treats the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea as(More)
An environment for designing virtual instruments with 3D geometry has been prototyped and applied to real-time sound control and design. It enables a sound artist, musical performer or composer to design an instrument according to preferred or required gestural and musical constraints instead of constraints based only on physical laws as they apply to an(More)
BACKGROUND Infarcts of the rostral brainstem often cause vertical gaze palsies but may also produce inappropriate convergence that manifests as pseudoabducens palsy and convergence-retraction nystagmus (CRN). Although the substrate for vergence has been defined in the monkey as lying dorsal and lateral to the oculomotor nucleus, the human homologue is(More)
We have developed an alternate method of representing harmonic amplitude envelopes of musical instrument sounds using principal component analysis. Statistical analysis reveals considerable correlation between the harmonic amplitude values at different time positions in the envelopes. This correlation is exploited in order to reduce the dimensionality of(More)