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We apply a recently published method of text-based molecular similarity searching (LINGO) to standard data sets for the purpose of quantifying the accuracy of the approach. Our implementation is based on a pattern-matching finite state machine (FSM) which results in fast search times. The accuracy of LINGO is demonstrated to be comparable to that of a(More)
The optimal overlap between two molecular structures is a useful measure of shape similarity. However, it usually requires significant computation. This work describes the design of shape-fingerprints: binary bit strings that encode molecular shape. Standard measures of similarity between two shape-fingerprints are shown to be an excellent surrogate for(More)
The source and sink potential model is used to predict the existence of omni-conductors (and omni-insulators): molecular conjugated π systems that respectively support ballistic conduction or show insulation at the Fermi level, irrespective of the centres chosen as connections. Distinct, ipso, and strong omni-conductors/omni-insulators show Fermi-level(More)
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