Barry Shepherd

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Water resource managers require catchment-scale nutrient transport models to help in the investigation and control of diffuse pollution. Many different models exist for water and pollutant movement, causing problems of selection because each model has often been constructed for specific purposes, and the choice of an appropriate one is difficult: wrongly(More)
A growing need exists for a quantitative measure of inspection effectiveness as an input to quantitative riskinformed in-service inspection (RI-ISI). A Probability of Detection (POD) curve could provide a suitable metric, but there can be significant problems associated with generating realistic POD curves by practical trials. The ENIQ inspection(More)
Colorectal cancer has risen in incidence to become the second commonest form of cancer in Singapore. The primary treatment is surgery but up to 50% of patients still suffer from recurrence of the cancer after surgery. Early identification of recurrence will increase the effectiveness of therapy and the survival of patients. This paper describes the CARES(More)
1. The influence of carrier iodide, iodine monochloride and pH on the labelling of ox insulin with (131)I by the iodine monochloride method have been studied. 2. The quantitative effect of the iodide in the radioactive iodine preparation was that predicted from a calculation of its specific activity. No other interfering factors were detected in the(More)
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