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CONTEXT While pervasive racial and ethnic inequalities in access to care and health status have been documented, potential underlying causes, such as patients' perceptions of their physicians, have not been explored as thoroughly. OBJECTIVE To assess whether a person's race or ethnicity is associated with low trust in the physician. DESIGN, SETTING, AND(More)
BACKGROUND Racial and ethnic disparities in health care have been well documented, but poorly explained. OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of access barriers, including English fluency, on racial and ethnic disparities in health care. RESEARCH DESIGN Cross-sectional analysis of the Community Tracking Survey (1996-1997). SUBJECTS Adults 18 to 64 years(More)
CONTEXT Obesity is a fast-growing threat to public health in the U.S., but information on trends in professional advice to lose weight is limited. OBJECTIVE We studied whether rising obesity prevalence in the U.S. was accompanied by an increasing trend in professional advice to lose weight among obese adults. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS We used the(More)
BACKGROUND We explored the relationships between advice from a physician to quit smoking and an array of respondents' characteristics, including sociodemographic factors, health status, health insurance status, physician continuity, and intensity of smoking. METHODS We examined data from the nationally representative 1996-1997 Community Tracking Study(More)
PURPOSE The efficacy of rewarding physicians financially for preventive services is unproven. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of a physician pay-for-performance program similar to the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting Initiative program on quality of preventive care in a network of community health centers. METHODS A(More)
Systemic antibiotics have been recommended for the treatment of destructive periodontal disease. Our goal was to relate antibiotic use for medical or dental reasons to subsequent tooth loss in a cohort of 12,631 persons with destructive periodontal disease. After adjustment for age, smoking, and other confounders, the dispensing of antibiotics for 1-13(More)
BACKGROUND The unabated rise in medication costs particularly affects older persons with chronic conditions that require long-term medication use, but how prescription benefits affect medication adherence for such persons has received limited study. OBJECTIVE We sought to study the relationship among prescription benefit status, health, and medication(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of typical medication use among patients with chronic periodontitis or destructive periodontal disease is limited. The aim of this study was to associate periodontitis severity with the use of different classes of medications. METHODS Patients (N=12,631) who had medical, dental, and pharmaceutical coverage with a health maintenance(More)
AIM To evaluate whether statin use was associated with decreased tooth loss among patients with chronic periodontitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS We evaluated administrative health plan data from 1996 to 2002 covering dental and periodontal treatment utilization, dental extractions, and prescription medication fills of 12,631 adults aged 48-64 in 2002. With(More)